Upholding the Truth is here to encourage Christians by making them aware of various issues. We are in what can only be described as an incredible warfare for the truth even within the Christian Church of our day. This involves hard work not only to understand the Scripture and encourage saints in the truth, but also to refute doctrines which go against the Word. Toward this end we pray.
"Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth." - John 17:17.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Pray for our Manuscript

Please pray for us! Kerri & I have been working on a transcript for a book for several months now. (Since April 2013) We have been plugging away at it for these past 10 months now on a fairly regular basis. We are nearing the end. We hope to finally be done within the next week or two with each of the individual chapters. We will do one last full edit of the manuscript as a whole. We may also pick some "outside" eyes to look at it and make any suggestions. We hope to get it published and use it as a tool for ministry. Please pray for the book to be published and for us to get back to doing things on our website and blog in a diligent fashion. I still can remember back to the initial years when I first started our former websites beginning with: A True and Faithful Witness. Those initial articles about Rick Warren's teachings as well as articles on Richard Foster's teachings (and a few others) brought in over 100,000 page views. It was obvious there was a need but it also took quite a bit of time and energy and it was very intense warfare. Back then I knew that there was tremendous need - so we launched out. As we look at the current "Christian" landscape we now see multitudes of false teachings and writings disguised as if they were Biblical. And it is getting worse. And much of the church is asleep or too busy with "life" to consider what is happening. So pray for us! We wish to launch out into more intense ministry once again. Thanks, David Sheldon

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