Upholding the Truth is here to encourage Christians by making them aware of various issues. We are in what can only be described as an incredible warfare for the truth even within the Christian Church of our day. This involves hard work not only to understand the Scripture and encourage saints in the truth, but also to refute doctrines which go against the Word. Toward this end we pray.
"Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth." - John 17:17.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tough question: By our silence do we lead men to ruin?

This is a quote from Spurgeon which I relate to you after reading it on "Christian Research Net"

“On all sides we hear voices inviting us to peace apart from righteousness. ‘Oh’, they say to us, ‘a confederacy, a confederacy.’ What mean you? You are to preach a lie, and we are to preach the truth, and yet we are to call each other brothers. We are no brothers, and we will not by our silence aid the fraud. ‘Oh but,’ say they, ‘be charitable.’ Charitable with what? Charitable with God’s truth, flinging it down into the mire of error? Charitable by deceiving our fellowmen? That we cannot be. Brethren, we must so hold and love the truth as to hate every false way; for the way of error is ruinous to the souls of men, and it will go hard with us if even by our silence we lead men to ruin therein… ‘Hold your tongue’, says the world. ‘Do not fight against error. Why need you speak so loudly against a wrong thing?’ We must speak, and speak sharply too, for souls are in danger. We must uplift the banner of truth, or we shall be meanest of all cowards. God has made us kings and we must be first kings of righteousness, and after that kings of peace…”
Charles Haddon Spurgeon