Upholding the Truth is here to encourage Christians by making them aware of various issues. We are in what can only be described as an incredible warfare for the truth even within the Christian Church of our day. This involves hard work not only to understand the Scripture and encourage saints in the truth, but also to refute doctrines which go against the Word. Toward this end we pray.
"Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth." - John 17:17.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Diabolical Thinking

Our society has undergone a paradigm shift in its thinking process. In the past, most people thought in a didactic manner, (2+2=4, light/dark, right/wrong). Today, we have moved to a dialectic thought process where 2+2= what do you feel it should be. In the name of relationship/community, feelings and opinions replace law and obedience as the arbitrator of truth. Truth and change is supposedly found by a method of consensus.
Consensus is based on a system known as the dialectic, (Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis) In the first step, a person or group brings their thoughts and position into the groupthink, (thesis). An opposite position consisting of opposing views is offered, (antithesis). The "change agents" then, through dialogue and consensus, reach a compromise (synthesis), by combining both positions. This becomes the new thesis and the process begins again, until the desired change or the change agents accomplish their goal. It is Socialism/ Marxism anew with the idea of bringing about world peace and unity. Anyone that opposes this thinking must be ostracized, marginalized or minimized. They are referred to as Fundamentalists, old-fashioned, troublemakers. These people hold to a standard of right and wrong that is given by God, family, law, which claims an exclusivity in what is right or wrong.
Most of our political, socio-economics (Sustainable Growth), and educational systems (Bloom's Taxonomies) have already succumbed to this group think as well as much of the church as evidenced by the Seeker/Purpose Driven concepts, as well as Rick Warren's new P.E.A.C.E. plan which mirrors the U.N.'s peace initiatives to build consensus and a New World Order.
This thinking process is diabolical and is the same one used by Satan in the Garden of Eden against Eve. Satan got Eve to dialogue and reach a consensus with him as to what she "felt" she "ought" to be able to do based on her feelings and desires instead of doing what was commanded by God. Unless we recognize this process we are headed down a slippery slope.
Fred Pursley