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Friday, November 16, 2007

Fake Evangelicalism

According to Tony Campolo the best way to really be filled with "Christ" is to get everything out of your mind through centering prayer. Is he Catholic, mystic, Quaker, new ager? Hmmm.
Please note his heretical thought and listen carefully for it: every person is born with "Christ, the light," already in them.

So has the entrance into the eternal kingdom now become a mystical inner-knowing of a "Christ" who is already present in everyone?
Or is it repentance/faith in the Holy Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, who was sent into the world as "the Light" to the world?
True evangelicalism says the later.
Please carefully consider how he takes out of context his quote in the first chapter of John's gospel. Jesus Christ came into the world. He is "the Life" and "the Light."
Does the context indicate that He shines from "within" the darkened human heart?
Or that He shines in, from without, the darkened human heart that desperately needs to receive Him and, thus, be regenerated by this very Light?
The later is the truth.
John 1:1-13 ESV

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